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Welcome to The Temple Of Angels, Coventry's new spiritualist church group set up by Spiritualist Medium Rev. Spencer David of Coventry. For those who don't know Rev. Spencer David he is a believer of Angels and Ascended Masters.

Rev. Spencer David is a Seniour in Coventry for the C.C.H.A (Corinthian Church Healing Association) who was ordained in November 2010.


Spencer feels it's now the time to be awakened by these higher vibrations and beings of power and knowledge.


 The Temple Of Angels hold weekily demonstrations of Mediumship / Clairvoyant Services on Tuesday evenings, where you will get the chance to receive truthful, loving and evidential messages from your friends and loved ones from the Spirit World.  The Temple Of Angels is full of love with a very welcoming and peaceful atmosphere.

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Private readings £20 for half hour with Spencer David

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Rev. Spencer David


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Upcoming specials and events at The Temple Of Angels 2017

December 19th 3 Mediums Xmas Special, International medium Dennis Binks, working alongside Gordon Murray and Spencer David

28th February Craig Morris Special £8.50 a Ticket

23rd May Peter Langham - Psychic Surgeon (Healing) £10.00 a ticket

For more info please click here

28th March Paul Jacobs Spcial £8.50 a Ticket

24th October Craig Morris Special £8.50 a Ticket

19th September Special with Tim Abbott

£8.50 a ticket 7.30pm til 9pm

25th July 3 Mediums Special Jon Sabin Gordon Murray and Spencer David

£11.50 a ticket (7.30pm til 9.30pm)

December 19th 3 mediums Special Tickets
Craig Morris Paul Jacobs 2 Workshop info

Back to Basics Mediumship Workshop Sunday 30th April

with Spencer David